Greensdale High is so much more.

Greensdale High is so much more than you know it is. Find out more by clicking below.


Greensdale Novel

Our newest project is, the "Greensdale Novel". This will be a combination of the Minecraft Roleplay and the art department. The Minecraft roleplay uses an interesting script that will be transferred to a story, and the art department will create awesome illustrations for a cutting edge effect.

YouTube Series

On the founder's YouTube channel, we feature "Greensdale High", a "Minecraft" roleplay. Many people in Greensdale will get together on a Minecraft server and make an awesome film production.

Our Artwork

At Greensdale, we have an art department that creates awesome art like you see here. Working with the art department allows you to share your artwork with other artists and others online. Great pieces like this are featured on our website.