Greensdale Tutoring was created by students at Christian High School in O'fallon Missouri.

High school students learning the same subjects have an extra edge when teaching other students. Allowing another current student to tutor your child will greatly increase their progress because students are able to relate to common problems and share solutions.

Our Products and Services

Our company offers many different services

Face-to-Face Tutoring

This service is for students who are able to get rides to a public place or who are able to meet with a tutor in their home. This offer is by-the-hour and comes with hands on tutoring on the struggling subject.

Video Chat Tutoring

This service is for students who may not be able to get a ride to a general location or live too far out for a tutor to meet them. This is usually done using software like Skype, Discord, or FaceTime. 

Study Guide Plan

This service requires a student to present all class work to a tutor and the tutor will then create a simple to understand study guide.

Complete Plan

This option includes all versions of tutoring that we offer. Face-to-Face tutoring will set the stage for the lesson and the student will be able to use a custom study guide and have the opportunity to video chat with a tutor if they extra needed assistance. 

Tutoring can be tailored to an individual student. Set up an education plan now by calling.

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